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Stacker2 Europe Athletics Team

In 2014, we have started our own European team of athletes. The aim of this team is to assist athletes to achieve their personal goals. Some sports get less attention from the media, but that does not detract from the dedication, devotion and effort that an athlete has to give in order to reach the top in his or her class.

Stacker2 Europe is sponsoring multiple kickboxing champion Sheena Widdershoven. She is the reigning European Champion with both the WKN association and the WBU association. IFBB model Heida Berta is currently putting Scandinavia on the map, winning prizes at both the national and international level. With their achievements and personalities, both women are a great source of inspiration for thousands of aficionados of this sport.

Stacker2 Europe athlete Kadir Ozcan is a highly talented bodybuilder and, as an amateur, came 8th in the Arnold Classic IFBB competition. Kadir weighs in at over 90 kg and, as you can see from the photos, his most striking features are his broad back and powerful legs. On Facebook, Kadir explains which exercises are required to develop such strong leg muscles.

You can find more information about the Stacker2 athletes on this website and on our social media channels. We tell you about the major tournaments and the performances that are achieved. Also, our athletes use media posts to share their knowledge via training schedules and techniques. The athletes will also explain what makes our Stacker2 products distinctive and which ingredients really make a difference!

Stacker2 Athletics Team

Stacker2 stands for powerful supplements. Supplements that really help an athlete get to a higher level. This philosophy is expressed by various athletes who have asked for our support with Stacker2 products in order to reach the next objective.

In the USA, sponsorship already started about 10 years ago. It formed the starting point for a successful collaboration between athletes, models, celebrities and Stacker2, which led to Stacker2 developing into an internationally famous brand.

The biggest project of Stacker2 was having its own NASCAR team. As the Americans described it, “high-energy fitness meets high-horsepower racing”. Naturally, various major contracts were closed with successful athletes, such as the Olympic champion Kurt Angle. But there were also contracts with pop stars and celebrities, including Howard Stern, Soprano star Tony Sirico (a.k.a. Pauly Walnuts), Ozzy Osborne and rapper Fat Joe.
In addition, Stacker2 began a long-term collaboration with big names from the UFC and WWE. Wrestler Jon Cena was crowned world champion no less than 14 times, and in his career ‘Triple H’ (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) carried off 13 world titles and 23 first prizes in the prestigious WWE class.

Stacker2 also closed deals with female athletes who have since gained fame on the catwalk, as top models and as actresses. The most famous names are Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus.