The Stacker products have been given various awards in recent years. For example, we was named Brand of the Year a couple of years ago in Denmark, by a CDON public poll. In Finland, Ultra Mass was named Weight Gainer of the Year by Fitness Tukku. Europe’s largest online shop for sports nutrition (Gymgrossisten) has nominated the weight loss product Black Burn several times as Best Fat Burner and in 2012 Black Burn was the winner in this category by far.

But it’s not only consumers who have distinguished our brand with an award; the intermediary trade has also nominated our brand and products multiple times.

In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 we received a total of 15 European nominations, with the most important achievement being the nominations for “Breakout Brand of the Year” in 2013 (at Naskor Sports), Fat Burner of the Year in 2014 (Stacker 4, at FIBO Power) and in the Testo Booster of the Year category, a number one position for our product Testo-4HD in 2015 (also at FIBO Power).

The nominations for whey protein of the year (2017, 100% Whey) and Isolate of the year (2017, Whey Isolate) shows that we offer premium quality ingredients and final products with an incredible good flavour.