The US and Canadian markets differ a bit from the European market when it comes to energisers. The small 60 ml energy shots are immensely popular in North America, where they’ve ousted the 250 ml cans of carbonated energy drinks from their former top spot. After this success in North America, the Stinger Energy Shot and Xtra Energy Shot products were also launched in Europe under the Stacker2 label. These energy shots are available at gas stations, convenience stores and sports nutrition stores.

Stinger Energy Shot

Tasty & Sugar Free Energy Shots

12 bottles of 60 ml

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Xtra Energy Shot

Pure Energy, Mental Focus

12 x 60 ml
1 flavour

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Stacker E2 Xtreme


Extreme Energizer

100 capsules

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Extreme Energy


Energy & Focus in a can

250 ml
6 flavours

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