Energy | Stacker2 Europe


We are not talking about calories, we talk about mild and strong stimulants. You don’t want energy from sugar or fat. You want a mental boost, energy from natural herbs. Products that guarantee you pure, natural energy boosts.


Xtra Energy Shot

Energy without calories and without sugar. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly what Xtra Energy Shot offers, thanks to its use of natural plant extracts and substances that stimulate your energy level and focus.


Stinger Energy Shot

The first energy shot with a great fruity taste! You don’t want energy from sugar, you want a mental boost, energy from natural herbs and natural vitamins. In short: you want Stinger Energy Shot.


Extreme Energy

This classic product from Stacker2 USA is now available in Europe. If you love the best American flavours and you are a fan of our distinctive Stacker2 energy kick, then these Extreme Energy drinks are perfect for you!

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