Project Description

Complete Glutamine

100% Casein

Do you want to build muscles during your sleep?

100% Casein ensures that during your night’s rest, your body receives the most important proteins, hour after hour. Within a bodybuilder’s diet plan, casein is an absolute must! With this tub you can make 30 shakes, which contain the most important proteins of the highest biological value. Every shake provides you with 24 grams of proteins, which are absorbed into your body on a phased basis.

The highlights of 100% Casein

  • The basis of continuous muscle growth while your body is at rest
  • Lengthy protection against muscle degradation at night
  • 100% casein, 80% proteins (24 grams of proteins per shake)
  • Completely soluble in water, without lumps
  • A delicious, creamy shake
  • Contains no added sugars

Combining our 100% Whey with 100% Casein ensures that you reach your goals faster!