Guaranteed Quality & Anti-Doping Programme

Doping Free Programme

Stacker2 Europe place a high priority on quality! Therefore Stacker2 Europe works with manufacturers who have a GMP certificate, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP means that the production process is laid down from raw material to the final product. Our products are formulated and produced in accordance with the highest standards and we share this information with end-users, shops and governments in various countries.

During a varied selection of hundreds of lab tests per year, we show that our products are safe and they are checked as regards to composition, healthiness and the absence of doping substances. Our quality control checks are carried out by accredited laboratories.

In the following table, you can inspect more than a hundred independent lab tests. In order to view a lab test, you need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information about our anti-doping programme and quality-control system, you can contact us by using our contact form.

100% Casein

100% Whey