Whey & High Protein Powders

Whey is a 100% natural ingredient. It comes from cows, and the milk production process and ultimately the cheese production process create (liquid) whey proteins. In order to turn this rich-protein liquid into a supplement for athletes, it is necessary to separate the pure, high-quality proteins from the liquid. The most often used method is microfiltration, whereby the liquid disappear and a WPC (whey protein concentrate) powder remains. WPC is a basic supplement for almost every strength athlete and endurance athlete.



Stacker2 Europe’s CBD oil is extracted from highest quality hemp. The hemp is grown in Poland – far from industry. Rich soil quality is used and no pesticides are used in this amazing product.


100% Whey

100% Whey is the best protein with the highest biological value. Both professional athletes and regular users are full of praise for our 100% Whey product quality.


Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is the most advanced protein in the Stacker2 Europe product range. It has a protein percentage of 88% and comes with the best flavours on the market.


100% Natural Whey

100% Natural Whey is 100% composed of natural ingredients, so it contains no artificial aromas, no artificial colourings, no artificial sweeteners and no artificial E numbers. The very best that nature has to offer!


Daily Protein

Daily Protein is a protein shake which contains 21 grams of protein per serving. If you mix our protein with skimmed milk, then you’re increasing your protein intake up to 28 grams!


100% Casein

100% Casein ensures that during your night’s rest, your body receives the most important proteins, hour after hour. Within a bodybuilder’s diet plan, casein is an absolute must!