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Stacker2 Europe is one of Europe’s leading sports nutrition brands.

Our product range consists of nutritional supplements that will help gym goers and athletes to maintain a lifestyle where you feel more attractive, slender, fit, muscular and healthy. Millions of people have achieved their personal goal with the help of Stacker2 Europe’s products.

Our products are primarily sold in Europe, but we see a growing popularity outside of the EU, thanks to distribution to almost 50 countries. We want the best product, for an honest price. Whether you want to be more attractive or stronger: our slogan is that you should never settle for less. You train hard and take care of your diet and the supplements you take must truly offer added value. Supplements have to help you advance and bring you a step closer to your goals. We place the bar high. Every product we develop assures quality, effectiveness and reliability.

Our product portfolio consists of four main categories:

Stacker2 Europe

European production: permitted ingredients

Most supplements aimed at athletic performance and weight maintenance stem from American brands. The quality of these brands is generally high, but there are also some problems. American and European laws are completely different and that applies to product composition as well. American products often contain ingredients that are forbidden in Europe (for example, yohimbe, hoodia, vinpocetine), or an American product may not be sold because it contains a novel food ingredient (for example, agmatine, geranamine or phenylethylamine). Specific knowledge of European laws is also needed in regard to dyes, additives and sweeteners. Not only knowledge about what is allowed, bu