Project Description

Complete Glutamine

6th Gear Creatine Complex

Once upon a time, creatine monohydrate was a breakthrough: strength training rocketed a couple of gears. Within a few years the second and third generations of creatine came on the market. Often these were creatine ethyl esters and these versions worked even better and faster. These old types of creatine already allowed you to workout extremely hard, but they are nothing compared to our 6th Gear Creatine Complex. This will make your workouts go straight to top gear! Once you use 6th Gear Creatine Complex you will never settle for anything less. This is the top of the creatine segment. This is training in sixth gear!

The highlights of 6th Gear Complex

  • Patented six-part creatine complex
  • Unique combination with alpha-lipon acid and beta-alanine
  • Optimal insulin sensitivity and absorption
  • Results right from the first dose
  • Extreme