Stacker2 Europe is developing several products within this segment. It often overlaps with sports nutrition, but non-athletes can also benefit greatly from the smart compositions of these health products. For example, a customized multivitamin supplemented by neurotransmitters and a phyto blend. Or a high-end joint support formula.


Multi Kick

Multi Kick is a next-generation health formula to give you an extra dose of vitamins, minerals, bio-active substances, micronutrients, anti-oxidants and greens. A daily 5gram dose is made easy with Multi Kick’s powdered vitamin supplement.


Joint Fit

Joint Fit is a premium nutritional supplement that actively improves the health of joints, fascia and sinews. It is one of the most complete, high-dose joint support products available.


Night Caps

Night Caps contain no less than 10 ingredients, including Melatonin and Valerian. In combination, these help you get to sleep faster and prolong your night’s rest. This formula is much more effective for many users than taking Melatonin alone.


IQ Caps

IQ caps has a unique mix of nootropic ingredients combined with stimulants. IQ caps is designed to support an active lifestyle. This can be beneficial for sports, studying, gaming or any other activity that requires your full concentration.