Protein Improvements!

We are currently improving our protein range! Stacker2 Europe is currently improving its range of 100% whey, casein and isolate proteins. The flavours of our protein powders have always been good, but we improved the flavouring even more. In addition, every size will soon be available in a pouch, which optimizes the appearance and [...]

New: Whey Isolate – Cookies & Cream

New: Whey Isolate - Cookies & Cream Whey Isolate is the most advanced protein in the Stacker2 Europe product range. It has a protein percentage of 88% and comes with the best mouth-watering flavours on the market. With the addition of Cookies & Cream, Whey Isolate is now available in six delicious flavours! [...]


New: three CBD Oil variations! Stacker2 Europe’s CBD oil is extracted from highest quality hemp. The hemp is grown in Poland – far from industry. Rich soil quality is used and no pesticides are used in this amazing product. Through CO2 extraction, the hemp flowers are processed at a low temperature, which ensures that enzymes, vitamins [...]

NEW: Extasis!

New: Extasis! Extasis is based on the most recent clinical research within the performance enhancement branch. All elements that have emerged from these studies can be found in Extasis. Extasis: Exceed Your Limits! Click here to read all the details!

NEW: 100% Natural Whey!

New: 100% Natural Whey! 100% Natural Whey is 100% composed of natural ingredients (so it contains no artificial aromas, no artificial colourings, no artificial sweeteners and no artificial E numbers). This product contains only the very best that nature has to offer. High-quality whey, fantastically flavoured - a true revolution! Click here to [...]

NEW: Barbarian – Blueberry Cheesecake

Barbarian: Blueberry Cheesecake! Barbarian is designed to be one of the tastiest protein bar you’ve ever tried. Within one year it has become one of the best-selling bars. So now it is time to introduce a new sensational flavour: blueberry cheesecake. Now available! Click here to read the full story! [...]

Inferno Black: strong, essential pre-workout!

Inferno Black: strong, essential pre-workout! Now available: Inferno Black! Inferno Black is a no-nonsense pre-workout formula. It has a small number of ingredients but in very high dosages, and is therefore super effective. You get the best value for your money when you use Inferno Black to improve your training results. Click here to read the full story! [...]

Stack3d: “Easily one of the best bars in the world!”

Barbarian review on! Stack3D, the world-wide leading and premier source for supplement news, has written down a review of our Barbarian bar! Their review blew us away, and Barbarian gained a place in the TOP 3 of the world's best protein bars. "As mentioned at the beginning of our Barbarian Protein Bar review, [...]

Extreme Energy: Bigger, Better & Sugar FREE!

All Extreme Energy flavours are now sugar free! By popular demand, the delicious Stacker 2 Energy Drinks are now bigger and better in 335 ml cans. The mouthwatering, pulse-pounding flavours, will leave you energized for hours! All flavours are now Sugar Free! Click here to see which sugar free flavours are available! [...]